Activities of Medicine Club

• Social welfare activities :


1. Blood collection & distribution among the poor patients.

2. Motivate people about voluntary blood donation.

3. Arranging blood grouping program at low cost.

4. Raising social awareness about safe blood transfusion.


1. Collection of medicine & free distribution among the poor patients.

2. Provide health service to the poor patients by giving medicine & surgical instruments from club room & from pharmacy.


1. Growing awareness about Hepatitis-B virus & its vaccine.

2. Arranging Hepatitis-B vaccination program at low cost.


1. Distribution of winter cloths among the needy people by arranging program during winter season.

2. Sending “Doctors team” with drugs & foods in the affected areas of natural calamities to help the affected & distressed people.

• Community health oriented program :

1. Arranging school health check-up, health education & drug distribution progrsm.

2. Arranging health check-up program & drug donation at free of cost in orphanage slum, under developed areas.

• Academic activities :

1. Medicine Club library

2. Pre-clinical discussion

3. Clinical meeting

4. Film shows

5. Debate competitions

6. Seminar

7. Symposium

8. Study tour


• Other activities :

1. Providing statistical data on patients to the hospital authority.

2. Cultural program’s for medical students & doctors.

3. Arranging tree plantation program.

4. Stalmentation at different fair.

5. Showing of medical tools & specimen of human body at different occasion.