Donating Blood Means

Donating Blood– Means loving it all the more…..

I presumed you loved it- as it was your spirit to successfully
accomplish your every philanthropic mission- with the blessings of the
Omnipotent Lord Almighty,

I presumed you loved it- as it most ecstatically charged up you up- as
you leapt forward to uninhibitedly blossom in the garden of vibrantly
bestowed life,

I presumed you loved it- as it was your humane lifeline to mélange so
serenely with your surroundings- become a quintessential constituent
in the atmosphere of symbiotic camaraderie,

I presumed you loved it- since it was your amiable stamp amongst all
mortals- as you traversed shoulder to shoulder with every of your
fellow human; blessed with the fundamental principles of existence,

I presumed you loved it- since it taught you the value of priceless
life- inspired you to live life to its very fullest and endeavor your
earnest best to afford the same to your fellow beings in duress,

I presumed you loved it- as it evoked the artist in you to burgeon in
realms of unfettered sensuousness- as you assimilated your creative
potential from slim space- before sharing it with the outside world,

I presumed you loved it- as it added that extra ounce of zeal in your
step- as you embarked upon every adventure that you were passionate
about- in a life unpredictably mystical but blessed,

I presumed you loved it- since it transcended you above all barriers
of caste; creed; religion and color to bond with the religion of
oneness and humanity,

I presumed you loved it- as it magnetically drew you closer to your
soulmates in life- reminding you that chapters of life bore royal
fruition when confronted with true love,

I presumed you loved it- as it revitalized your complexion and
countenance to appear as that of a handsome human- prone to all that
was further destined- but resiliently following the path of truth,

I presumed you loved it- as though silent- it triggered an inferno of
universal desire in your nimble silhouette- as you evolved your virile
kin and family further on this infallibly flawless Universe,

I presumed you loved it- as it helped you coin a new definition of
compassionate companionship- one that accepted one and all for what
they were and as they had come into God’s planet divine,

I presumed you loved it- as its healing balm empowered you to start
afresh after every of your humanely trip and fall- let the blazingly
Omnipotent rays of the Sun God energize you towards your righteously
benevolent mission in life,

I presumed you loved it- as it fortified your bond of togetherness not
only with your biological kin- but with your environment and with
every living being in harmonious friendship,

I presumed you loved it- as it gave you the strength to never betray
your own conscience- and irrespective of wherever you were and
whatever you did- you were answerable to Omnipresent God,

I presumed you loved it- as it led you through astounding myriad
colors of a poignant survival- which all eventually amalgamated and
united into a rainbow of altruistic caring,

I presumed you loved it- as it gradually and very moderately
transformed you into a blissful adult from a diminutive infant- in
perfect accordance with the winds of creation- bestowed upon by the
Omniscient Creator,

I presumed you loved it- as you honestly paved your path through the
multifarious replenishing fields and shades of existence- being just
nothing infront of the unassailable Lord,

And I am definitely sure that you would love your blood all the
more—if you donated it to all those in dire need of it— thereby
giving true meaning to the essence of humanitarian unity and humane

For the chapters of “Life” and “Death” are in God’s hands—but
donating blood is just one great humanitarian way in which you could
help your blessed fellow living being….

A Poem on Blood Donation by Nikhil Parekh .

All Thanks Goes to The Writer Of This Nice & Great Poem……Nikhil Parekh……..