History of Medicine Club

Few students of Mymensingh Medical College thought that it is wiser to spread the very little leisure time that a medical student can afford in more academic way than the general student does playing cards or gossiping or involving in political parties. So they chalked out a blue print of an academic & non-political . . . → Read More: History of Medicine Club

Our Motto & Oath

For the chapters of “Life” and “Death” are in God’s hands—but donating blood is just one great humanitarian way in which you could help your blessed fellow living being….

Our motto :

Learn & Let Others Learn to Serve the Humanity in the Best Possible Manner.

Our oath :

I hereby promise . . . → Read More: Our Motto & Oath


One of the major social activities of Medicine Club is collection of blood and distribute among the patients & arranging blood grouping programs at low cost.

• Blood collection :

We collect blood mainly from four sources.

1. Blood donation program :

We arrange blood donation programs at colleges,university,many institutes & many other places . . . → Read More: Blood

Activities of Medicine Club

• Social welfare activities :


1. Blood collection & distribution among the poor patients.

2. Motivate people about voluntary blood donation.

3. Arranging blood grouping program at low cost.

4. Raising social awareness about safe blood transfusion.


1. Collection of medicine & free distribution among the poor patients.

2. Provide health service . . . → Read More: Activities of Medicine Club

Donating Blood Means

Donating Blood– Means loving it all the more…..

I presumed you loved it- as it was your spirit to successfully accomplish your every philanthropic mission- with the blessings of the Omnipotent Lord Almighty,

I presumed you loved it- as it most ecstatically charged up you up- as you leapt forward to uninhibitedly blossom in . . . → Read More: Donating Blood Means


What is thalassaemia :

It is an inherited blood disorder widespread in the Mediterranean countries, Asia & Africa. “Inherited” means they are passed on from parents to children through genes. Thalassaemia causes the body to make fewer healthy red blood cells & less hemoglobin than normal. About 80-90 million people are carrying thalassaemia all . . . → Read More: Thalassaemia


Medicine Club works on Hepatitis-B virus by growing awareness about this virus & its vaccine. Hepatitis-B is one of the most dangerous disease of today’s world.

This virus causes “Liver cirrhosis” .In this disease, liver responds to injury or death. Liver cirrhosis can’t be cured because no treatment & medicine is invented against this disease. . . . → Read More: Vaccination



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