What is thalassaemia :

It is an inherited blood disorder widespread in the Mediterranean countries, Asia & Africa. “Inherited” means they are passed on from parents to children through genes. Thalassaemia causes the body to make fewer healthy red blood cells & less hemoglobin than normal. About 80-90 million people are carrying thalassaemia all over the world. Only 2 lakhs are alive & registered as receiving treatment.

Activities of Medicine Club on thalassaemia :

# Aware people about thalassaemia by organizing rally, seminars, symposiums & other activities.

# Manage free fresh blood for the thalassaemia patients.

# Give first priority to the thalassaemia patients in blood transfusion, drug distribution & any kind of needs.

# Fix some thalassaemia patients as Registered Recipients & give them regular treatment follow up.

# Create a group of people as Fixed Donor who wants to donate their blood to the thalassaemia patients.

International Thalassaemia Day

Medicine Club & Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samiti jointly work on thalassaemia in Bangladesh.8th May is International Thalassaemia Day.Every year,our unit celebrates this day by organizing “rally,seminar,symposium” & other activities.

This year we organize a rally & a seminar to celebrate the day & aware people about this inherited blood disorder.

On 8th May 2011 at 10 a.m. we organized a rally.Our honorable teachers,doctors,intern doctors,all medicinians & many other students joined this rally.We started from our academic building.The rally revolved round the whole campus.Then we kept continue this rally outside the campus sothat people can know about it.The rally revolved round some part of the town.The rally ended in Dinajpur Medical College Hospital.

We organized the seminar on 8th May 2011.It began at 11 a.m. in Gallary-1 of our academic building.Chief guest of the seminar was Prof. Saroj Kumar Das,our honorable principal. Special guest was Dr.Md. Motiar Rahman,Civil Surgeon,Dinajpur Sadar Hospital.Almost all of our honorable teachers,intern doctors, representatives from Central Body,all medicinians,many other students & some thalassaemia patients with their guardians were attended the seminar.The host was Shakil Mohammad,president of our unit.

First our president gave some speech about our activities on thalassaemia.Then Dr. Sadiquel Islam,Assistant Professor Department of Pathology gave a speech about thalassaemia.Then Dr. Monjurul Islam,Associate Professor Department of Medicine gave speech about thalassaemia.They informed us about cause,symptom,treatment & many other things about thalassaemia.

Our chief guest & special guest gave their feelings about the seminar.Finally our president closed the programme.